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Friday, November 9, 2007

Health, revisited

I sat down on the comfortable stationary bike at the gym this morning and people observed: three girls furiously moving their legs on the Elliptical machines, people lifting weights, but the girls caught my attention. How quickly they moved, almost aggressively, as if weight loss depended on their lives. They weren’t heavy girls, but they worked out so hard. This got me thinking about my weight, and how it fluctuates so often. It made me think of how the world works and how we kill ourselves at the gym and restrict what we eat, just to loose a few pounds. I don’t know why I put in so many miles on the bikes, even when I burn so few calories. I’d like to be happy with my weight, my body, and my looks, but years of ridicule about my looks still scar me. I want to feel pretty, slim and good about myself, but I guess I’m still a bit paranoid. I’m genuinely shocked when people talk to me just to talk to me. I’m suspicious, wondering what cruel ulterior motive they have in store. I’m back in middle school again, when cruel people didn’t talk to me, they mocked me, teased me, ripped me apart. When people include me in things, I wonder if it’s because they want to or if they are taking pity on the weird girl. I need to get over that, but I have no idea how to go about it. I’m digressing again….

Anyway, back to weight. At breakfast I jealously watched my boyfriend make his Eggs-in-basket using a little of the bacon fat, and then topping the eggs off with cheese. I only use cheese on my food when I can taste it, if I can’t, it makes the calorie and fat worthless. I wanted to put cheese on my egg sandwich, but it was either cheese on my eggs, or cheese with my baked potato (and broccoli) tonight. I opted for the potato.

People find eating right so hard, turning to ridiculous weight loss books with bizarre restrictions….You don’t need that to loose weight…why are so many people who aren’t even at an unhealthy weight so crazed and desperate to shed pounds? It’s so depressing what the media and Hollywood and fashion has done to us. It’s appalling, really. If you are at an unhealthy weight, then loose it. If you are at a “normal” weight, then eat in moderation and be active. But above all, love your body and love it as your own. Wanting other people’s bodies isn’t going to make you any happier.
I need to take my own advice…I know it’s a hard thing to follow, but we all need to accept ourselves, our flaws and everything. We are a depressed nation hell bent on weight loss…and at the same time, large cheap portions…..the best you can do is be smart and happy and accepting…so what if I’m 5 pounds heavier than I’d like? I look fine, am healthy and a relatively good person, I should be lucky to be even that. That 5 pound weight loss wont make me happy. Why am I so hard on myself? We’re always harder on ourselves than we are on others…(usually). All you can do is do your best, and you may falter sometimes, but you just got to keep going. No matter what it is. Life isn’t about how much you weigh, it’s about what you do with it.


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