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Friday, November 2, 2007

Middle School.

I haven't done anything here in awhile. I started this with so much excitement of writing my thoughts down everyday, putting use to my drifting thoughts. I've been thinking a lot about my past lately. An old friend from middle school recently friended me on a social site (facebook) and it's gotten me thinking.
Middle school was a horrific time, I'm not going to lie to you. I think that there are still memories that have yet to resurface. But who didn’t have a bad middle school experience? The “cool” kids, that’s who. I am actually a little proud, now, at least, to say I was the least popular kid in my grade. Middle school, ha! I laugh now, that I cared what people thought of me back then. Awkward, poofy short hair, in the midst of puberty. I was the poster child of Awkward. I knew at the time Middle school would pass, that I would soon be accepted and excel at college, I just needed to make it through these tough years. Kids were cruel, stalking, teasing, pulling hair and relentlessly torturing me. Middle school boiled to such a bad point I had high blood pressure and had to take sleeping pills to combat the stress that kept me up nights. But that’s okay. They got to me then, what child wouldn’t let that get to them. But now, I look back, and recognize that middle school is a crap time for 65% of those in it. I got through it, and while the social scarring still runs pretty deep, I’m okay. I’m in the college I’ve wanted to go to since I was nine, I’m slowly getting my career started, my awkwardness is limited to sociality, I grew into myself.

Back then, I knew this would happen, it was just a matter of time….I think that’s when I started living in my head. I needed an escape from the reality of my life. I need at some point in my life I’d be here: some close friends, a relationship, success, and growth.
Screw all you people who made my life hell, your insecurities must have been worse than mine if you had such a need to torture others.

Anyway, high school was so much better. An all girl’s high school might make you think things would be the same, but the girls were relatively accepting of me. Girls were cliquey, but never cruel. Friends and I may joke about our high school classmates, teachers, school and the nuns, but I can’t deny that no one was ever that cruel. A school full of girls can merit some cattiness, but nothing like Middle School. At least no repressed memories have come out as of yet to suggest otherwise.
So life only went up from middle school. Look at me now, bitches!


Save Our Style said...[Reply]

Wow jenn and I thought i was one of the only people who thought middle school was hell. it had change me as a person and made me unsure of myself... I dreaded going to school. It had made me kind of anti social because I didnt want to stand out. When I had found out you were going to another high school it had freak me out alittle because you were one of my only true friends but high school was much better.But look at us now both in school and one day we will make something of our self... wait I should say make something more OF... because we are already something, we are young ladies who are kind and smart and can be a little hyper sometime lol I also wanted to say thanks for being a great friend beause with out friends life can be unbearable and sometimes you just need someone to scream HI at you to bring a smile to your face.

- Amber T