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Monday, November 19, 2007


I just want to sit here and not verbalize. Today has been one of those days where I don’t feel like speaking or socializing with anyone. But on the inside, I’m jumpy, energetic, a weird teeny-bopper feeling rising inside of me. Yesterday out of curiosity, I began to try and track down an old love of mine: Newsies. The movie is roughly 15 years old now, and it’s a lament to think of those young guys all grown up with different lives, but it’s still nice to know that they are doing well. It’s so sad to see so many dozens of the old Newsie sites closed, no longer updated, or evaporated altogether. I have found two that have updated recently, and it made me excited. The teenager in me being prodded awake with news of some actors, where they are, what they are doing, one even has his own comedy site. That’s exciting. I feel like a dork. The inner teenager in me is freaking out, and I don’t know why. Growing up I’ve always rolled my eyes and laughed at girls who really DID obsess over things, screaming ,crying, going NUTS over people like boy bands, movies, actors. I was quietly “obsessed“. I would giggle and ooh and aah over my favorite things. Newsies is an excellent example of that..sort of. I first discovered it from an old friend in the late 1990’s. (wow…..I can’t believe I just typed that...wasn’t it JUST 1999?) When I was with her watching it, I was as giggly and school girl as they come(dare I say I was young back then?) . But away from her, and around others, I kept quiet and limited it to surfing the net and reading stuff about Newsies (Ha, I think I just admitted how much of a loser I was in Middle School, but you already knew I was :) ). Jeeze. That was a very long time ago.

I miss that! Oh, Newsies. I feel like a dork. I really do. These poor guys forever remembered for this movie. I know that a few embrace it and don’t mind the fans, and others look at it in a more sarcastic light…That’s a lie. I really don’t know how any of them feel about it. But I’m sure they look back on it as a good experience and are amused by these teenagers and 20-30 some things who still remember their characters.

I can’t believe I’m blogging about Newsies. I have officially reached the Pinnacle (I had to Thesaurus that. ”Zenith” would have been cool, too.) Here I am, blogging in my dorm room about a movie that was made in 1992 that has a cult following. Oh well. I’ve lost my Newsies DVD. I enjoy the extra behind the scenes things more than the movie. If you’re going to “obsess” over something, it may as well be real people….that was a little stalkery.

This blog took an odd turn. I just marvel at how much time has gone by since the movie and how some of the actors grew and went in different directions and are doing bigger things with the movies or have opted to change and have a quieter life out of the public eye. Either way, I hope everyone is happy. I hope they aren’t irritated by Newsie fans and want nothing to do with the movie (that would be sad.)

I really wish this wasn’t such an odd blogpost. I’m really trying to blog more so it can suck less. As quiet as I may be sometimes, such as now, I’m teeming with thoughts. Oi vey. As loser as this sounds, it’s easier to communicate here. I don’t feel stupid or wrong. I feel heard and expressive, and its’ a nice change.

Anyway, before this takes another turn, I’ll just let this wind down. Thanks for sticking with me through this entire bizarre post, and if you didn’t, I’d insert something witty, but you wouldn’t be here to read it. =)