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I'm embarking on a new part of my life that is happier and going in a direction! It's really refreshing.

I was married May 19th, 2012 to a great guy I met at the C.I.A and we're go excited to embark on a life together. He has as culinary degree to match my baking and pastry degree. It's going to be a Good life.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on food and cooking. I am but a humble baker, who happens to love cooking and embraces the joy of food.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I feel so unmotivated at the moment. I don’t want to study for my Human Resource Management final, or tweak the project. I sure don’t want to study for Accounting, or work on my final paper for History. Any writing that should be done for Food Writing is done. Spanish I’m saving when I have this much time tomorrow afternoon….I have an hour or so to kill before I’m off to Apple Pie to grab something for dinner, and then going to Accounting.
So with this un-motivation, I feel the need to be productive, so I’m writing. Anything. This is where the slight randomness comes out.
What I want to do right now is eat the entire bag of chocolate Smores in my room, top it off with some snickers, a cheese burger and curly fries. But not really. Why do I feel so lazy right now? It’s only Tuesday, I didn’t go to the gym today, I slept well and got a lot of things done lately. I guess I’m a little lethargic because I just got back on my Concerta. I admit it, I take Concerta. Another drugged American. I haven’t been tricked into believing I need it all the time, but I think it’s largely a good idea: it controls impulses (like stopping me from eating said bag of candy), gets me through accounting without going out of my mind, and usually “evens me out”. I don’t know…sometimes it works great, other times I’m just fine without it. I went without it for a week and it didn’t do too much damage. We’ll see what happens.

It’s about 4:30 at the moment…..I know I should be productive, seizing my college education, embracing everything the school has to offer…what’s wrong with us? I won’t get into a thing about college students, I could go on for a long time about that and only get irritated.

I’m so lethargic. This isn’t like me. I’m usually up at 7am, at the gym or catching up on work, awake and full of energy throughout the day. I want to blame a lot of things: the weather, carbs, sugar, being back on my medication. I’m lethargic, but I don’t want to sleep; just sit quietly in my own thoughts and my room, killing time before the day can end. How can people live like this and like it? I overhear people in the halls, “I woke up at 3, got out of bed at 4 and got dressed at 5.” What kind of life is that? I feel like my day is wasted if I wake up past ten on a weekend.
I love waking up so “Early”, I catch Good Morning America, go workout (where I can accomplish two things at once: knocking out 6 miles before 8am and catch up on reading), shower, work. Time slows down a bit in the morning, where as you wake up at ten, need to dress, go to lunch and then to class all in three hours. Waking up at 7 allows for so much time. I love the quiet, the time, not wasting my morning.

I can’t imagine how so many students I know go to bed at 3 am and sleep till noon or later. It seems so pathetic. Embracing your college life ISN’T binge drinking, saying out till four am and barely scraping by in class. The fact that they’re PROUD of that fact….anyway, this blog certainly took an odd turn…

I’m feeling a bit more motivated now, maybe I’ll give studying a shot.