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Monday, December 3, 2007

My top five.

I’m now a senior. Officially. This is an odd feeling. A senior. In college. I’m overwhelmed with so many feelings: worry of the workload, excitement of my new status, reluctanance of graduation, sadness that my college career is quickly coming to an end. I’m being pulled in so many directions. I don’t want to burn out or have some sort of emotional melt down. So I’ve made a crucial decision. Since I am a senior, there are things I may have to cut back on or cut out of my life all together, and I’ll have to wait and see how well this works.
I’ve decided not to deal with some things this term: pettiness; I don’t have time for it. Fifteen minutes into my first class on my first day of 9th term and we already have an extensive term-long project. I don’t have time for immaturity or petty people. Either don’t carp or stop talking to me.
I’m not going to let myself fall victim to procrastination. I have time, and yet so little time. I forecast whatever time I have off on Thursdays and Fridays will soon be packed with day-long pilgrimages to the library. But hey, I’m a senior. I had expected an easy senior year, but my Professor made a valid point: We’re seniors; we ought to expect work as well as a lot out of us in our final term here. He’s right, you know. If I had no work to do and was lazy for a few months, I’d feel I didn’t do anything worthwhile. If I put a lot into my term and my classes, I can say how hard I worked and make me feel that I’d earned my degree.
I need to give up bad habits. I’m really not on the internet much anymore, but I think I need to cut that out much more. If I’m going to be using the internet, I’ve decided it must be for something worthwhile: writing, research, news, checking email. If I want to use it for down-time purposes, I have to be doing or have done something productive. Let’s see how long that lasts.
I need to get more involved. I did really well 7th term, but 8th term, even though classes weren’t hectic, left me with this odd tiredness. I’ll do my best to get more involved.

I need to write for the paper more, and will probably get on that once I am done with this. I must go to career services and speak to them about my career choice, as I am most likely a big fish in a small pond; no one seems to want to do food writing after they graduate, which gives me a strong advantage and a disadvantage.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the top five. There are going to be two terribly busy days, and it would behoove me to manage my time wisely all week long.

I have so much to do, but such little time. This will be one stellar term.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I know that you will do great in ninth term. Hopefully with a new spanish proffesor it will make that class a little easier to handle. You will do great.

Matthew Good