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Monday, January 21, 2008

470 Words

I have no idea why I’m so drowsy and uneasy today. I think I’m just nervous about my Asia exam. I just realized I have to do TWO 300 word essays. It really, really isn’t much, but when you can sum up the essay in a sentence or two, there’s a problem. The thing is, two of my professors are more concerned with substance than with length, so for this teacher to demand we extend and use fillers is a little ridiculous. Who are we kidding? They know we use fillers, we know we use fillers. So why not just cut that out and let us type what we like. I have 110 words before this sentence. This is about how long it will take me to sum up the essays. Shoot. I’m so screwed. I sincerely doubt she’s going to be making it easy for us- it will most likely be the two essays that required the most reading retention. The map is what will most likely kill me. I need to sit down and really, really look at it. But none of it is sinking in. I had little problem with the E.U map, it was easier to make up little groups and abbreviations and tricks. Asia seems to like to wedge tiny countries in-between the big ones; like Nepal and Bangladesh. The majority of these maps make it very difficult to tell which country is where in a cluster. Others, it’s hard to tell what is a country name and what is a city. The good news is I only need to know India to Japan to Indonesia. The bad news is I’ll need to know the map from Yemen, to all the Stans, to Japan, to Indonesia at some point. Funny thing is, I think the Europe map had more to worry about, with more tiny countries. And I needed to know what year each country was admitted into the E.U. And this is more difficult?! Come on.

I’m getting really distracted, but I just typed up the notes to memorize them for the essays, I’m probably going to head home soon in the frigid temperatures to look over the map, but I suppose I could do it here at the library. It’s dead quiet over here, you’d think people would be here getting work done…because they put it off all weekend by doing other things. I caught up as much as I could Thursday and Friday, because I knew come Saturday and Sunday I probably wouldn’t get much done, and I didn’t. But these exams are priority anyway. Once they’re over I can focus on everything due next week.

Guess it’s time to study the map….like I’ll be able to recall it tomorrow. 470 words. Wonder if I can do this well with the essays.