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I was married May 19th, 2012 to a great guy I met at the C.I.A and we're go excited to embark on a life together. He has as culinary degree to match my baking and pastry degree. It's going to be a Good life.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on food and cooking. I am but a humble baker, who happens to love cooking and embraces the joy of food.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Opals, Luck and Leadership

I have about 20 minutes before running down to lunch so I’m typing up another writing from my notebook, this time from Finance. This writing was done on the same day as “My Finance Teacher is a Liar”

“I wear my opals when I need luck, and while I’m worried to type this and jinxing it, it seems to work every time. I’ve worn them to exams, presentations and long days when I need some luck to plow through it. I’m worried I may wear the luck out.

I read somewhere that opals bring bad luck to those who wear them and are not born in October, so I imagined that they would perhaps increase the luck of those who were born in October. I got my opals- a necklace and earrings, on my birthday. I consider them lucky because I honestly would have liked opals for my birthday, especially since my ears were newly pierced. I don’t think I mentioned it to anyone, so I was so surprised when I not only received them ,but they were exactly how I’d like them to look.

I don’t know why I’m talking about opals. I’m trying out an exercise writers constantly use: picking a topic or whatever comes to mind and just writing about it. I like it, it’s fun, makes you think, and more importantly, preserves my sanity during these arduous three hour classes.”

I do not want to go to my three hour Leadership class today, but I know I must. I need to pick up the DVD that I’m going to use for my presentation next week to select a clip. The point of the presentation (that everyone has to do) is to find a particular movie from her list and answer questions about what it has to do with leadership. I chose “The Dead Poet’s Society” A movie I would really like if I could get past the abrupt, open-questioned ending. That and why the father didn’t get blamed for the son’s death...damn that makes me mad. I hate when movies end so I can’t get past that. But we’ll see what clip I plan on doing.
Trust me, I wouldn’t be going to this class otherwise.
The professor is nice, don’t get me wrong. It’s the students. They are so rude! And we have to sit through 3 or more mediocre projects each class! So many of which were probably slapped together in 90 minutes. I just think my time would be better spent preparing for my Finance Exam tomorrow. But I’m missing Finance tonight anyway (The exam is tonight, and I hardly think I would be able to take an exam after a long day of classes, let alone at night, let alone finance), to take the test Thursday so I can have more time on it. So I guess I can tolerate Leadership if I’m missing my other three hour class.

Next blog topic (hopefully): “Sometimes I feel like sitting in class is getting in the way of my studies.”