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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Classes.

Today is the school's yearly Saturday class. We have to make up a day for one we missed during break. My term is making up a Monday class, but my Spanish professor didn't want to come in, and Restaurant Ops decided to show a movie. I'm not coming into class (at 8am, no less) to watch some crap movie about a rat working in a French restaurant. All I have today is Ethics, and I'm going to go to that, since I was in my room pretty much the entire morning and day....and night. I'm embarrassed. I got the bulk if not all of my work done on Tuesday and Thursday, so by6 Friday I had little to work on. I should have gone to the gym, but the rain was discouraging. Even after it stopped raining. I'll work more today. I've been feeling so lazy lately. I ought to go to the gym Sunday and next week. I don't want to be a sloth. I don't want to turn into that senior who doesn't do much more than the bare minimum.
Saturday classes, at least this one, isn't so bad. The one class I have to go to isn't horrible, and I'll get to have dinner instead of wondering what to cook. It'll be nice to get out of my room and get work done in the BPS lab where the distractions will be smaller.
A lot of people aren't happy about the Saturday class, but I see it as getting lunch and dinner on a Saturday. Getting out of my room on a Saturday. Last year I think my Saturday class fell on a day where I didn't have classes....and I don't remember a Saturday class during my AOS.

Man, this paper is hard!! I have so much information to write about. I need to go over what is probably going to be roughly 20 years of my life in a few paragraphs. Also I must go over my externship, which wont be easy. I thought I could knock this out in two or three weeks, but it will probably happen over a month or two. I'll work it out. I'll get it done....Keep telling yourself that Jenn. That looks weird to me. Talking to myself. I ought to update all my blogs. I have almost half a dozen things written in my notebook that I keep meaning to put in here. But my paper has to come first. I need to be positive and optimistic as always.
Anyway, time to get ready for class.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

It's great that your looking on this saturday class as a chance to get something done. And I know that you will be anything but a lazy senior.