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Monday, January 7, 2008


I was in Ethics today, hoping we would get out soon enough that I may make it to the registrar’s office before it closed. I was thinking about what I had to get done tonight and Tuesday and it kept piling up and up….a paper to finish, three separate readings to finish, an article, start my outlining my independent study paper, register for my independent study, ethics homework, accounting quiz…Aaaaagh!! It came slowly, then the thoughts came quicker has everything added up….I haven’t even been badly procrastinating. Last Thursday, Friday and Sunday was spent getting caught up….and I’m still not….but I suppose writer’s block is to blame, I’ve been stuck on my Chef Robert Irvine article since last week…I don’t mind taking on all this work….I’m in my 9th term and should do all this work, get the most out of my last few months here. Oh yeah, and I still need to blog more! How can I expect to write everyday for a career if I can’t manage every day for the hell of it?

Most of all, the pressure is on for my grades. I got all As last term (!!!!) so now the heat is on to make excellent grades again. I can foresee my grades now- I’m going to pass finance and accounting, which is the best I can hope for….unfortunately (or fortunately, as you see it), while I’m maintaining nice grades in accounting, I’m really not learning a damn thing…..and the teacher is good…I just hear accounting being taught and my mind stops. I can’t understand why you do things a certain way or why things are inputted the way they are or why it is the way it is. I just don’t understand it. I’m only doing really well because the project where we needed to plug in numbers, and the quiz I studied for and strained to take what I learned in my other accounting class and managed to do well.
I’m not even going to touch finance in this blog….three hours…Three! Of…agh…..tedious lecture. But at least my professor, both Accounting and finance, understand this isn’t our career path and just expect us to glean a basic knowledge of their subjects.
I’m doing fine though, I kind of like this pressure and stress. Makes you feel alive, actually doing something in school.

The rest of my classes I think I’ll do great in…Ethics, Leadership, Restaurant Operations, and my Independent study will gain great grades if I put the work into it. Spanish, accounting and finance will be fine too, high Cs to Bs, but it will take extra hard work.


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Don't let stress get to you. You can do whatever you put your mind too.