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Monday, January 21, 2008

Things Not Working and Apple Pie's Unwelcoming

Augh, I've been trying for about an hour or so to send two attachments of photos to the school paper and have been unsuccessful. It's incredibly frustrating. Just work. You know? Before I went to the library I tried to open my e-mail and the Student Web Portal and it was the only thing that wouldn't load. Just work! It shouldn't be that hard. I'm just frustrated. The map still isn't sticking, I have other things I know I should be doing, and other general things that are far too complicated:

The school's student run cafe, Apple Pie Bakery, has raised its prices again. We heard through a professor that this was due to "Making too much of a profit. They want to clear out the students to have more space for customers." This made me just a little....miffed to put it nicely.

I would estimate that 95% the students who work there in the back don't get paid. They pay to take the class. This is not counting TA's. The majority of the students in the front who are servers do not get paid, and the student workers don't get overtime and many aren't even supposed to be going overtime....But that's not the point. My argument is that if you factor in the cost of the class that covers food cost, in addition to not paying the majority of your workers buffers the cost of inflation and rising food costs. The price increase is a little extreme, about .50 cents per item or higher.

The point is not about the prices. I repeat this is not about the prices. This is about students having a right to go to their student run cafe. We have a right to be students. Everything here is so much about the tourists, the customers, guests, and so much less about what the student's needs.

It makes me angry to think that the Apple Pie, where servers, cashiers, bakers and cooks are students. I only know of a few cashiers who are not students. We have a right to go into a bakery run by our peers and have a meal, a cookie, a cup of coffee. To purposefully raise prices to clear out students is horrible.

I'm ready for a change. I'm geared up to start something! I believe we can change things if we do it properly. I'm not about to scream profanities and write nasty letters to the Bakery. NO! You have to do it right if you want to change things: raise awareness, circulate petitions, protest, write PROFESSIONAL letters. I believe in change.

I had created a note on Facebook, spreading the word about joining forces with myself and my friends. My friends are with me, ready to work fight for a change. We deserve to be students first.
There has been some resistance and ignorance, however, about "Market Economy", prices, and other silly things. They are missing the point, and it makes me angry. This isn't about money, it is about getting treated like students. If you don't agree with me, don't post. Don't go out of your way to shoot me down and laugh at me when you don't understand. I'm in my 9th term, and have been here for a while. I know how things are. But I'm just irritated at how people think. I honestly think we can change things. This isn't about paying 2.25 for a muffin, it is about respect for those who work so hard. I don't think it's fair to pay such high prices for no good reason. Being told the price increases (from a Professor, I must stress again) is because they don't want us there is absolutely unacceptable. I have more of a right, as a student, to buy a pizza, or tea, or anything I'd like as the customers do. I live here, pay good money to gain an education here, I've put so much time and effort and work into my education. So why am I not so welcome at the school bakery?

I don't know. I just know we deserve better. I'm in mt 9th term and therefore am OBLIGATED to help my underclassmen. It's my duty to help them, speak up and fight for them. I feel like they need an advocate. There isn't anyone else here to help us, really.

It just takes ONE person to speak up.