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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Another holiday post. Valentine's Day is such an odd holiday. Everyone views it differently. People expect day long flutters of romantic feelings, some expect chocolate, others diamond rings or jewelry...others hate it.

Valentine's Day was always a fun thing at my house, we would go out for dinner usually, siblings and I would get a small box of candy and some other kind of small things to acknowledge the big deal. Just a day to make a special effort to show people you care for them. So when my boyfriend asked me “So what do you want for Valentine's Day?” I was mildly appalled, and turned to lecture him. Is it my birthday? Is it Christmas? Anniversary? So why is he asking me what I'd like? I didn't think Valentine's Day was a holiday to get something you want. I'm happy with some form of chocolate, a decent meal together and just a relatively nice day. I don't think it's low expectations, it's logical. Giving someone a car or a phone for Valentine's Day is just...another example how it is a consumer driven holiday. Some woman expect way too much. Hundreds of dollars spent on some sort of thing...makes them seem a little high maintenance. A card, chocolate or flowers are more than enough to acknowledge the day, and we should be happy with it and appreciate it. There's so much pressure to get the holiday right. Last Valentine's Day was the very first with a boyfriend. We'd met the Valentine's Day before, at an Anti-Valentine's Day (but that's another story), so while it would be a year that we met, we weren't one to celebrate every teeny “anniversary” together.

We had a blizzard and the first snow day in ten years at school, so everything was shut down. Any plans for dinner together up at school was spoiled. I had made chocolate lava cakes, had gotten him a box of chocolates I had customized at a Russel Stover site, and we got dinner at the Rec Center Cafe. I remember he gave me a good bar of chocolate, possibly a few other cute small things, and that was all I really needed. You shouldn't go too crazy on the 14th.

I think people who hate view it wrong. I grew up thinking you didn't need some kind of boyfriend to have Valentine's. It was one of the best days of the year in class- cupcakes, candy, fun cards (for everyone, of course), you got a box of chocolate from at least one family member, we went out for dinner- which was always a treat, some cards, silly Valentines cartoons. An all around fun day to show silly forms of affection for people. Now I guess it's just an excuse to have a date. If you are single, it's a day to send flowers and cards to friends, and call home, I don't know why it's so hated. I don't think I ever hated it, just mild jealousy when I saw girls have flowers and such. The anti-Valentine's Day party where I met my boyfriend was just because my classmate was hosting it as her R.A event and I wanted to go support her. That was two years ago! Insane.

V-day is what you make of it. If you want to be miserable, that's your choice. But you're missing out on a day that can be fun. You can be happy and still be single on Valentine's Day....anyone who tells you otherwise is just single and miserable, or taken and rubbing it in your face.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone. :)


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Reading your blog makes me remember why I am so lucky to have a girlfriend like you. You are one of a kind and I hope to always stay your valentine.

Happy Valentine's day from your Valentine.