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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Appeal of.....

What is so appealing about the combination of rye bread with onions, American cheese and a hamburger(or turkey) pan fried? I had a fake Ruben today (rye, Russian dressing, American cheese and turkey), and the onions and rye had such a mouthwatering allure. The slight crunch of the toasted bread melding with the melted cheese and pairing perfectly with the onions has such an indescribable perfection to them.

I'm addicted to patty melts. I didn't discover rye bread until I had my first, and I've been addicted ever since. Beef, cheese, and grilled onions have this classic savory flavor: the juicy meatiness of the beef, just a little bit pink in the center, the mild cheese gooed over the edges, the grilled onions, soft and slightly carmalized, adding a little more aromatic lusciousness to it. Whoever was the gastronomical genius to replace a bun with rye and throw it in a buttered fry pan is my lunch hero. I find myself looking for an excuse to throw anything in between rye bread with cheese in a frying pan. I can't describe rye bread properly, but I think it's the caraway that makes it great. It's smell is both distinct and vague. Something you can't pinpoint, but is so overwhelmingly familiar.
The rye is the background component. It is also mild, depending on what type of bread you like. I prefer the light rye, because it pairs so beautifully with the caraway and doesn't distract from the beef, onions and cheese. I haven't experienced an authentic dark rye bread, but I imagine it to be overwhelmingly delicious, intense and full bodied. But perhaps not the best bread for patty melts.

But I don't know the deep down, delicious appeal of such compentons. Apart they are good, together they are indulgent, even a little sinful. Whatever it is, it brings me sheer flavor pleasure that few dinereqsue foods seem to bring.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Just reading your post has mad my mouth water. I want a sandwhich in the worst way.