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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have a mild obsession with broccoli- as long as it's drenched in an Asian sauce. Something about that garlicky, sweet, soy sauce, or Hosin, or any combination of tangy savoriness is addictive.

We ordered Chinese Takeout from this place in Darien. It's a very nice restaurant, but I think it's too nice for takeout. I have a certain expectation of Chinese Takeout, and to order it from a place that sells expensive sushi seems a little...weird to me.

I wasn't very hungry and not in the mood for anything over $12. So I got Broccoli with ginger-soy sauce. The pleasing palette sweet and savory combination washed over my taste buds. The ginger was in the background, not an over powering flavor, enhancing the other ingredients in the sauce than over-whelming it. I could have sat there with the bitty container of rice poured over the take-out plastic bowl of broccoli and eaten it all night. Or just eaten the broccoli with my fingers.
I can't describe the flavor of broccoli other than I hated its very "stench" at a young age, the smell of over-steamed and over cooked broccoli is enough to send waves of nausea to even the most dedicated broccoli eater (and who wants to eat water logged boiled broccoli?). Now I know better. I currently love it in exclusively Asian dishes, and under very precise conditions; not too over cooked, not too undercooked, and just the right amount of sauce and I'll eat it by the peck.

I think kids would eat vegetables if they were cooked right. I know I would have as a child. It's easy to sneak veggies into kid food, and to make it good. Had I known vegetables were so good in stir-fries, mac and cheese and pressed in sandwiches, I would have been eating them a long time ago, not discovering them in my teens and 20's. But that's the way things are sometimes. I was a close minded, stubborn picky eater, I think I had this coming to me.

But what do we know when we're young anyway? We think the tooth fairy exists and our lives revolve around candy, and how to obtain more of it. We can't be bothered with things such as nutrition when we're set on finding hidden candy and watching cartoons.

Hopefully now we all know better and kids today will grow up knowing better. Fruits and vegetables aren't this thing that we were all suspicious about growing up, but this delicious array of color that just happens to be good for us. It's all about preparation, and as the old Culinary Institute of America slogan went, "Preparation is everything."


Anonymous said...[Reply]

If you made a child read this they would want to try broccoli. And I want broccoli now. lol.

L@SpillingBuckets said...[Reply]

Hey, just found your blog. Great posts.

I love broccoli... all types. I am actually growing some in my apartment right now. (They're still sprouts now, but it's exciting!)