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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cookie Catering

I've been asked via my mother if I could do some baking catering for an upcoming event my mother's friend is doing in early May. Nothing fancy, just some cookies and such. But how many? The number, of course, is very important.
Am I obsessive compulsive or just instinctive on platter presentation? The number of items determines the type and shape of cookie. I have a compulsive need for evenness and balance in things like food and plating. One night when we had burgers, it bothered me a little that my mom's cheeseburger was on the bottom of the burger, while everyone else's was right side up.
I need balance, patterns and continuity for such things. For this particular event, I'm aiming for four items (but five would be good, too), so the pattern and choices are obvious; two round, two bar. Chocolate, nut, fruit based and miscellaneous: brownies, pecan sandies and lemon shortbread.

But I'm not sure about the pecan sandies. The method feels obnoxious and high maintenance. Browning and then chilling the butter into a hardish palpable mass, a food processor, constant chilling of the dough? I love to bake and try new recipes, but to have a cookie that is so needy leaves room for much error, so we'll see if I actually end up using it. I don't like needy cookies. Perhaps I'll swap it for another pecan based cookie.

The rest seem reasonable. My gripping fear for cutting bar cookies is only ever more heart pounding when it is for someone else, so maybe I'll just skip the bar all together and use round cutters to cut the cookies. I'm not sure how all round cookies will look on a compulsive sense is uneasy. But I'd rather have all round cookies that are perfect than badly cut (but well intentionally cut) bar cookies.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I can't cut stright either. =( I try to use a ruler but it never seems to work out for me. It might for you. Have fun doing the baking gf!!!!!!

p.s. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. hugs!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

If I ever need someone to bake cookies for one of my events I would want you to do it.