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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Leftover bread makes for great crutons. My mother asked me to prep the sausage, egg, bread and cheese dish (that I mentioned below) for a meeting in the morning. I ended up not needing the rest of the cubed white bread. Not wanting to be wasteful, I planned on saving it for breadcrumbs, but we had a lot of those. Then I remembered my sister saying she was going to have the leftover salad from dinner for her lunch tomorrow. So with that in mind, I thought crutons would be a delicious use of leftover bread.

I heated up a little olive oil in a nonstick pan, and got my spices together while I waited: salt, pepper, granulated garlic. Once the oil became shimmery, I sprinkled the pillowy cubes of bread in and let them toast, adding in a pat of butter as an afterthought.

As they slowly toasted, I sprinkled my choice of spice over the sponges of cubes. I tossed and turned them, careful not to burn and not to make the bread fall apart, adding a little more oil here, a little more salt there, until the soft pillows turned into soft, crunchy crutons.

This type of cruton is special. It has a light crunch on the outside, like very gently toasted bread, and a yielding texture on the inside. It's perfect. I'm not very fond of the hard crutons, they are obnoxious- loud and crunchy and are difficult to spear with a fork, making you chase them around like an unruly house pet.
These pan fried crutons, however, are soft, delicate, and delicious. Easily captured by the fork, and doen't get in the way with the gentle bite of the salad.

The aroma of these particular crutons are tempting. There's just enough garlic to be flavorful but not over whelming enough to linger on the palette, just enough oil and butter to get the perfect light crunch without being soggy, and just enough salt and pepper to tie it all together.

I think too many people under appreciate the sheer versitility and lush appeal that is the Maillard Reaction.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Jenni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop trying to make me get off of my diet!!!!!!! lol. girlfriend I have to stop reading your blogs. They are making me hungry! lol. love ya gf!!!!!!!!