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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deal Breakers

I'm printing out pages of cover letters, articles and resumes and putting them together like little press releases of my potential career. Everything looks professional and organized. However, as I try to write the names and addresses on the large manila envelopes I start to worry; is my handwriting going to be a deal breaker?
The school has burned professionalism and the need to have perfection on every inch of anything you send to anyone- especially alumni- into my brain and very psyche. I can understand the need for it, however, does handwritten address fall under this spectrum? My handwriting looks childish and even my best efforts can't help that. My poor fine tune motor skills makes everything difficult to have high proficiency in. Will my handwriting be a deal breaker? Will they simply see how it looks and toss it aside?

I hope not. I hope they look past my hand writing and at my written words. I'm a lot smarter than I look or my handwriting might show.

Maybe I just worry too much and am too hard on such things. Are these things really as big a deal as the school makes it? Probably not, but that extra inch of insane professionalism is what might get you hired. That little edge might be just enough, so I obsess.

I like to think the alumni whom I'm writing to still have the CIA professionalism, but are relatively easy going and understanding. All the Alum I've met have been incredibly nice and professional, and have that same mutual, joking eye-rolling of "Yep, they did that when I was there, too." It's nice. It makes me feel like I belong to this big club.

So I hope my hand writing won't be my deal breaker. I hope they look past the outside, and see what is inside.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I am positive that they will look past your handwriting. Most chefs I know have horrible handwriting as do a lot of people who work with their hands. Your work will be what gets y9ou the job not how well your handwriting is.

Matthew Good.