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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Egg Sandwiches, Post 50

Is there any better savory breakfast than a perfectly cooked egg, melted cheese and some breakfast pork product between two pieces of your choice of bread? If there is, I'm not sure I've discovered it.

I didn't really "discover" eggs until my second year at the Culinary Institute of America, because I had PM classes for the majority of my first year, and when I did have AM classes in the beginning, I was still an embarrassingly large picky eater. I don't remember my first egg dish, I just remember wanting to try something new, and either the special scramble or special omelette sounded good that day, and much to my amazement I enjoyed it. Where has this delightful meal been my entire life? The most eggs I'd ever eaten was a twice a year concoction of eggs, cubed white bread, cheese and sausage, mixed together and baked in an enormous dish.

Egg sandwiches though, is what really did it for me. I loved the egg, just slightly gooed in the center, the melted cheese, the crisp saltiness of the bacon (or the sausage) with the bagel. It was delicious. It's not surprising that simple things such as these are the most succulent.
So, two years and several dozen egg sandwiches later, I decided to make one for breakfast today. I had found one of my metal round cutters and thought it would be perfectly easy to just crack the egg directly into the metal cutter on the frying pan....

I was a bit wrong, or impatient. The pan didn't heat up as much as I know I should have. I had used pan spray and worried that it would burn before the egg cooked. After that, I became impatient. The egg simply would not cook fast enough for me. The egg whites were starting to seep slightly under the cutter... while the egg whites slowly were starting to cook. This wasn't going at all like I'd planned! In my haste, I gave up and lifted the cutter from the pan, and the whites spread out slightly onto the pan. Finally, I abandoned the idea of a fried egg and pushed the egg around, combining it as best I could, put a dallop of cheese sauce from Sunday night's dinner and called it done. I'm embarrassed to say I'm terrible at frying eggs.

It wasn't the most satisfying sandwich I'd ever had, but it was something. It needed bacon, a bit more cheese, granulated garlic and a hard roll.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I want an egg sandwhich now.