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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Egg Whites and dieting

Who in their right mind eats only cooked egg whites? Are the nutritionists aware of the nutrient content of it? Egg whites are mostly water and have far less value than the entire egg. One egg has roughly 70 calories, So what's the harm in having one whole egg with a slice of toast?

Cooked egg whites look like gunk on a plate, and probably taste the same. You need the yolk, not only for nutrition and a little flavor, but for color too. We eat with our eyes as much as our mouths and are more likely to be willing to eat foods with color appeal and presenation than anything else: think about a typical school lunch circa decades ago- a ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes, a ladel of something you hope is beef stew-some cuts of meat, mushy veggies stuck in there and over cooked, dull looking frozen peas.

Yum. Now think of the same meal, but piped mashed pototoes in the center of a braised beef stew, with vibrant, tender vegetables, colorfully placed within the rich, brown sauce. Doesn't that sound better? It's all about how the food looks. Egg whites look terrible. Why are nutritionists telling people to just eat egg whites? I'm don't think it's right to tell people that. When you make people eat things like this on a diet, they are most likely to fail.
Why not tell these people: eat one egg, one slice of toast and 100% juice. That sounds much healthier and appealing to me. When people are given a little slack on a diet, they are most likely to succeed. A diet isn't a temporary thing, it is a life style change and to be able to stick with it, you need options, delicious food and a little slack now and then- and not 100 calorie snack packs.

All these limitations just remind people that they are on a diet. It's not healthy. Sooner or later, they'll fail, so whats 70 calories in an egg? Nothing! If you're worried about 70 calories over something as nutritionally sound as a whole egg, theres' something wrong with what we're being told about diets.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

What made you write this blog about egg whites?

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I tried to eat egg whites for breakfast with toast but it doesn't taste good. It was like eating slime you know? The next time I go on a diet you're planning it. lol.

lots of love,