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Monday, April 28, 2008

Fruit Smoothies

Well, it finally happened. I've entered the first circle of hell of healthy eating. In the middle of my walk, I was thinking about how if I want to shape up and be a little healthier, I can't sabatoge my 3-4 mile walks with big meals and snacking. I wanted to eat fruit, but to get 5 servings, I'd be eating it all day, and honestly, it takes commitment and remembering to do so. I thought about the massive oranges in the fridge, and how intensely juicy it was, smoothies, and how easy it would be just to drink pureed fruit, and how healthy it would be.

When I returned home I carefully sliced the over-sized orange, being careful to remove all the white from it, chopped up big red strawberries and sliced a banana (a fruit I severely dislike, but I figured the flavor would be in the background with the other fruit) I was excited, because it turned out to be several cups of fruit.

It blended fairly quickly and nicely with a splash of orange juice, and was a nice hue of light maroon, it looked good, but was a little thick, like cottage cheese.
It tasted pretty good, fruity, and right in the middle of sweet and tart that I like in fruit.

How manageable! A world of options opened up to me. So many combinations and such potential health benefits. I could make a four cup fruit smoothie and drink it all day. What could be more easy than that?
I always think about eating healthy, and such an arduous battle it seems to be. How impossible it feels to get all you need in one day. Even multi-vitamins aren't good for you anymore (according to a newspaper in London)
So to try to feel better about how I eat during the day...well, all the time, I'm trying to do one good thing a day. When weather permits (today it's pouring, sadly) I walk most days of the week for either a minimum of 30 minutes or 2 miles. But usually I manage at least double of both. So drinking 4 out of the 5 servings of fruit I need in a day is probably better than the average person.

I've been keeping up with it, too. No eating A.D.D here. I've been doing it for a few days and it's kinda nice. Very easy. I'm trying to make it less thick by adding more orange juice, but so far I haven't been adding enough. Right now it's just fun to play around.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

You make me want whatever you are writing about. If it's eggs then I want eggs if it is a smothie then a smothie. You are good at writing.

Matthew Good