Shamleless Plug

I'm embarking on a new part of my life that is happier and going in a direction! It's really refreshing.

I was married May 19th, 2012 to a great guy I met at the C.I.A and we're go excited to embark on a life together. He has as culinary degree to match my baking and pastry degree. It's going to be a Good life.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on food and cooking. I am but a humble baker, who happens to love cooking and embraces the joy of food.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I didn't get the part time baking job. I'm okay with it. I went for a walk today and it took me three passes to finally get the nerve to walk in. I knew I didn't get the job when they didn't call the week they said they would, but this would at least appease my mother so I can take the job I'd rather have, at least for now. Although a small part of me reminded myself how busy they were with their expansion, and possibly didn't get the chance, but even that was a weak excuse.

I have no hard feelings or bitterness though, I feel like I should, but I really don't. But the wife of the owner was nice, and even recognized me, and told me they'd gone with someone with more experience. Understandable. They'd keep me on file, which would be nice. Even if it's for volunteer work it'd be fun.
Anyway, how can I be mad at an Ice Cream store that I've been going to since I've been old enough to eat ice cream? Impossible. Now with their recent food menu in the past year or two makes it even more appealing.

That's about it over here for now. I'm sending out more letters and portfolios this week. I'm trying to send out four at a time, but come to think of it, I ought to do double that at least.
I'm just painfully shy and don't really want to bother anyone. I don't like to be an inconvenience or in the way of anyone. You only get one chance at a first impression, and I don't want mine to be "Great, another person to bother me."

But I know I need to get my name out there, so I'm trying. I just hope some of my work is good enough for these Alumni, who seem to have gone so far, and I know how much work it had to have taken for them to get where they are today. I just hope my work will be good enough one day and I can work as hard as they do.

Before I close this, I found a neat webpage when I was cruising the food news scene on (sad, I know, every now and then you find something semi-worthwhile) Smoothie recipes, in a neat little format, too! How appealing. And I promise that is all I will say about said beverage for a few posts.