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Sunday, April 13, 2008

This healthy eating thing

So, I've been thinking more and more about this healthy eating thing. Considering my bad genetics of various debilitating diseases like cancer and dementia (factor in this lovely thing called NF, which causes a multitude of things), I really ought to be taking it more seriously (when thinking in length about such things, it's almost enough for me to transfer over to vegan territory. Almost). This weekend I was cooking breakfast with my boyfriend: egg sandwich on a cheddar cheese bagel, and I remembered the fruits in the fridge, namely, massive oranges.

I'm very particular about my fruit. The inner child pickiness stubbornly refuses to let go of some psychological blocks of un-palate pleasing things in my mouth. My fruit can't be too tart, too cold, too soft, too hard or too off colored, depending on what I am eating. Too tart or sweet and my teeth burn with pain, too hard and crunchy and my mouth aches, too mushy and I want to gag. But as my boyfriend put the large orange segments into a bowl, I wondered what it would taste like. But then I thought: "What's a little tooth pain or discomfort now? Eat the fruit! Now!" I scolded myself; Eat it! Eat it now! Segment after segment went into my mouth as I hoped this would pay off later. The orange wasn't too bad. My ideal orange is one of juiciness and full bodied orange flavor. This one fell a little flat on orangeyness.

But it's a start. This healthy eating thing will take work and dedication, but I'm 22, and if I want to live for a long time with minimal health risks, I have to suck it up and eat all this stuff. What's a little gag reflex of a too soft grape if it'll keep me going?


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hi Jenni!!!!!!!!!!! How long have you been writing? You sound like you've been doing it for years. I like your blogs girlfriend!!!!

lots of love

Meg Brown.