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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fruit Snacks

Fruit by the foot, Gushers, fruit roll ups. The most fruit an average kid saw in my day was usually limited to fruit snacks (and probably still today). Addictive, sweet, fun to play with, these snacks had it all. They were the "it" snack, trumped only by the elusive snack cake.

Who among us didn't roll the fruit by the foot out, and put the rolled half into your mouth, making it look like you had a long tongue? Who didn't press gushers together to ooze the syrupy filling out? I loved to carefully peel away the designs in fruit roll ups and arrange them on the filmy plastic before eating each one by one before pressing the remaining peels into a ball and eating it all at once.

I loved the strawberry flavor, tropical (I remember a bright yellow of "tropical" flavors"), and the most popular of them all- tye dyed, with indistinguishable flavors and usually passed off as "berry" with a marbled tone of red and blues. Fruit-Roll Ups stuck to your teeth at times like taffy, but something as silly as dental issues can't deter a child from such delicious lunch box treats.

Gushers could do no wrong. They could feature colors non-existent in conventional fruits of bright greens, neon yellows and turquoise. They could, like most fruit snacks, have fruit combinations and names that only live in a child's world of bright colors and weird names (ie- "G Force Tropical Rage, and "Rockin' Blue Raspberry to name two of the strangest. But I can't be too picky....Blue Raspberry as far as I know, doesn't exist in the produce world, and is a standard in every candy and fruit snack. ) Gushers are an original fruit snack, and have that amazing kid pleasing contrast of opposites and novelty. Squeezing them brought out a kind of joy, watching them slowly break and the inner juice dribble out over your fingers, or if done too hard, over your cartoon themed lunch box.

Fruit by the foot has all the elements the fruit snacks above has and all fruit snacks should have: a gimmick, weird colors, real and make-believe flavors (ie- Razzle Blue Blitz, Color by the Foot and Tropical Tango), wrapped up into three feet of fun. Little bits of trivia and jokes graced the waxy thin paper strips. You could measure with it, trade lengths of foot with it for other treats, you could swing it around. It was multi-functional. It was soft and chewy and didn't stick to your teeth as frequently as Fruit roll ups. It wasn't as sticky and you got more fruit for your inches. This was probably the best of them all. Clearly, you get more snack for your fruit with this snack. It wasn't as flashy as Fruit Roll Ups, not as big a novelty as Gushers. It wasn't fussy. Fruit by the foot was zen in the sence that it just was.

I miss fruit snacks. I recently bought some for my boyfriend as a surprise since we'd talked about them the week before, and felt a little sheepish looking at all the choices, and putting them in my basket. But sharing a pouch of Gushers with him, smelling the familiar artificial scents, tasting the "flavors" brought me back to Formica cafeteria tables of a vague time when being friends with someone meant sharing lunches and a swing set, where .50 cents bought you an ice cream sandwich from the lunch line, and school lunches packed by a parent meant the mystery and surprise of what might be.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

You made me want some sort of fruit snacks. Again you make me want whatever you write about. At least this time I have some fruit by the foot. :)

Matthew Good.