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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can't seem to stop eating. (Edited and added to)

... I really can't. When I'm off from work, I can't seem to stop myself. I see something tasty, or something that can be cooked that is tasty (preferably, and shamefully chicken patties) and covered in ketchup.

For lunch, I had a "salad"; romaine with sliced red onions, a sprinkle of some kinda green small beans (possibly edamame or lima) with stovetop cooked frozen chicken patties, dipped in a honey mustard/bbq dressing.

And after that I inhaled a 7-layer bar. Oh yeah, and three iced sugar cookies. And probably stuff I can't remember

It doesn't sound like very much, but I'm about ready to go down to eat more.

At work, our choices for food is limited and unhealthy at best: frozen waffles, toast slathered in salted butter, breakfast sandwiches, turnovers. Sometimes I'll devour the broken cookies from the trays.
My breakfast choices are vastly limited. I aim for a bare minimum of 15 grams of protein, not taking much regard to fat, calorie or nutrient content.

I care about my weight, and I'm trying desperately hard to stay healthy, but it's pretty damn hard. Too hungry for a salad, not enough protein in half the crap workout magazines tell you to eat, too early in the morning to make a smoothie. What's a girl to do?

I'm trying to take these multi-vitamins, the size of horse pills, that I cut up into uneven fourths, and taking them isn't a pleasant thing. At least one piece gets stuck in your throat, or doesn't go down the first try, and it's incredibly disgusting.

I may have to start drinking canned protein shakes, or some kind of instant breakfast, along with forced vitamins. It's something. I'd rather eat the fruits and veggies, but at 4 am, who wants to take the trouble? I know it's something I must do, but it's nearly impossible. I'd love to make a pure fruit smoothie for breakfast, I wonder if making them the night before, right before bed, would be okay?

I think if I could (meaning, I had the money, time, and I wouldn't gain a pound or suffer health consequences) , I'd be one of those people we see on Dr. Phil (not to make light of their situation), who we see video taped going from fast food drive through to another, ordering enough food for a family with extra extra mayo in some cases and eating in large bites, for all of us gaping Americans to see, before going to their next food destination. Wouldn't we all want that? I'd love to sit here and eat burgers, fries, chicken tenders and onion rings from various chains. All day. Every day...I don't think I'd get really sick of it.

There are just days when I want to eat all the time. Always bad food, junky food, fried food, anything crispy and delectable. No salads, no fresh fruit, not even my favorite steamed broccoli with a spicy brown sauce. Just the worst kind of food, in large amounts, as much as I can.

But I think I have some self-control. I don't want to spend a lot of money on junk food, so I choose my splurges wisely. I'm not one to go to town buying packages of cookies, chips, dips, candy or delicious convince foods. So I suppose I'm not lost yet.

I just want to eat!! I think if I just had one day of non-stop junk food, fried food, stuff your face junk fest, it'll hold me over and I'll be so sick of bad food I wont touch it for months. Keep on holding on to that dream. Because it'll never happen.

All I can do is find that balance. A day of junk food here or there along with that healthy stuff. I'll figure it out. I need to figure it out quick though, or I'll be soon faced with a cold winter of constant sickness and awful sluggishness.

It just makes me feel bad. I do enjoy well prepared food. School has spoiled me with the good stuff. I enjoy a nice meal of braised veal cheeks, or barely cooked Yellowfin Tuna, or some homemade tomato soup with a BLT on a cold night. I appreciate the good stuff. I adore the good stuff. But I, like many Americans, just can't stop eating processed cheap crappy food. At school I was hardly ever like this. I craved the bad food, but would prefer the beef stews, the stir fries, the chicken from France day in Meds, trout Almondine from Skills. I never went to junk food because I had limited acess to it. But now I'm home, graduated with a job and some form of a car; with indepenance to cook and eat what I want, I'm going a little overboard with this newfound freedom.

Better going overboard on junk food with my freedom than more reckless things, I suppose.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

If anyone can balance a life of eating healthy and junky food you can.

Matthew Good

Val and Parker said...[Reply]

First of all, you are a graduate of culinary school, so you have the best of the best foods at your finger tips (or so I assume). Secondly, you are 22, and judging from your picture, obviously not overweight, so go for it and enjoy. Believe me once you hit your mid-30's, you'll want to stay clear of any fast food, dessert, carbs or processed sugar. Not fun.

Thanks for visiting our blog - thought I'd check yours out as well. My partner Parker is a BIG foodie, so you guys probably have a lot in common.

Have some creme brulee for me!