Shamleless Plug

I'm embarking on a new part of my life that is happier and going in a direction! It's really refreshing.

I was married May 19th, 2012 to a great guy I met at the C.I.A and we're go excited to embark on a life together. He has as culinary degree to match my baking and pastry degree. It's going to be a Good life.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on food and cooking. I am but a humble baker, who happens to love cooking and embraces the joy of food.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I need to start eating better.

Weird fatty breakfasts of mac and cheese, hot dogs, and other various sources of protein, paired with coffee, bagels and other refined carbs just aren't cutting it.

Guess it's time to bring on the salads.