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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skipping Over Long Recovery Post and Moving Onto.....

My infection. Yes. I got an infection. A week or so after my appendix had been taken out. (I refer you to here to catch you up ) A particularly nasty one, actually. To me at least.

I was feeling pretty great Thursday. I was up and about and felt pretty fine. Friday I went to into town, just to get out of the house, but not too far away. I went home, I made lunch, I cleaned my room and even showered (if anyone has had their appendix out or a similar surgery, you know what a small victory this is- to get up, walk and stand long enough to shower). I felt like I could go out the next day and go to work for a few hours on Tuesday.

But my body had other plans. That Friday my side felt sore and tender, it was a bit pink. I didn't really think anything of it. Maybe I over did it the other day, maybe I slept it wrong by accident. I told my mother, who thought it looked pink and wanted to go to the ER. But since I felt fine and was just a bit tender, I didn't think there was much that can be done. I figured they'd look at it, tell me to take it easy, and send me home. And since my insurance would probably just slide under as it was, I didn't want to push it with another ER visit.. But I'd keep on eye on it.

So that night I didn't sleep great. When I woke up I felt stiff and sore. And awful. My mother wanted to go to the ER...I didn't (I'm so stupid!!!!!!!!! >.<) But we negotiated down to a Doctor's visit. The on-call doctor prescribed antibiotics on the phone, and I spent several hours watching a marathon of House in the dark of my room, trying to lay comfortably. The antibiotics either didn't do much, or made me feel worse. I just felt crappy. It hurt to walk, roll over or move too much. I didn't feel this lousy since the day I was out of surgery.

By dinner time I managed to crawl downstairs and eat a few bites of pasta, still laying down. I felt horrible, still in pain. I watched "Uptown Girls" feeling miserable, by 9, I crawled back up to my room and finished watching the movie, feeling wretched, and teary. I was still in pain: nausea, tenderness, soreness,elevated temperature, headache since before I took the antibiotics, I was tired. I just felt awful and I couldn't take it.

I figured these were all side effects from the pills (which were many), and I was just overtired and recovering. Along with the infection. So I really didn't think that it was too big a problem. I figured this was how it was supposed to go and I'd feel much better once I had 24 hours of pills in me. Somehow I managed to doze off. I woke up, feeling much, much worse. It took me forever to get the will to sloth myself out of bed and into the bathroom, where I felt disgustingly nauseous. I got back out of the bathroom, and my parents asked me if I was alright, which I wasn't. My mother took my temperature, brought up tea and toast, which I could scarcely nibble, and we waited. I had a fever- 101.7. Crap. And hour later, at about 3 am, my mother took me to the ER, we were admitted quickly and I found myself in an ER bed, getting three vials of blood drawn and on some pretty amazing heavy duty IV drip pain killers. Not Sit-com hospital stay heavy duty (You've seen it. The protagonist gets their tonsils or appendix taken out and they have this "hilarious" bit of song singing or love confessions) , but it made me feel pretty good. They sent me to to ultra sound, and back down to drink awful contrast, and up two hours later for a CAT scan, which confirmed an abscess. The ER doc explained it to me, and it made me feel better. Something like a surgery. I had the impression that I'd be put under again, put into ER for about a 30 minute procedure, and everything would be fine. I was admitted to the hospital. Again.

I was numb with misery. I managed to doze uncomfortably on and off, it took me half and hour to get the will to get up and use the bathroom. I felt like I did a day or two after my last surgery. The doctor who prescribed my antibiotics came in and spoke to me, about what was going to happen. He gave me the idea this was no big deal, I'd be heavily drugged and it wouldn't "hurt", as in, yes, it would hurt a bit, but it'd be okay( lying bastard). So, fine. I'd rather have been in the OR, under, and in no pain, but I guess this would do. But I've been wrong before. The Physician's assistants came in and also insured me it would be okay(because girls around my age have given me SO many reasons to trust them in the past). What ensued at about 12:30 that day was so disturbing, traumatic, excruciatingly painful, that excruciatingly painful, that I can't.....I can't type, let alone relive them in my mind ever again....I'm thoroughly traumatized, shell shocked and whatever textbook word you can come up with.

I screamed, I sobbed, nearly hyperventilated, begging them to stop, telling them I can't go on, that I was scared, hurting. I've NEVER in my entire life have had pain that has made me scream like that. Or sob like that.

I can't go over the details. I don't want to think about it. All I can tell you was my stitches were reopen, bedside and a scalpel was used to open me a bit more. My abscess was drained and gauze was out inside me. My wound remains open, but covered.

It was horrific. I wish they knocked me out. I wish I had surgery. I wish it had gone DIFFERENTLY. This is 2008, not the Civil War.

I'm not exaggerating. Exaggerating is cheap writing and speech. I never knew pain where I screamed before. Begged. I was under a double dose of my pain killer (given with a needle, and not an iv or pill) but it didn't do anything. They had to stop to give me a break halfway through so I could sob and calm down...

........Anyway............after that I slowly felt better. By mid-afternoon I was able to drink water, various stages of watered down apple juice and ate graham crackers.

By evening, my mother came back with my sister, who came with her laptop and a gigantic fruit smoothie. They went to grab some dinner at the cafeteria, and brought me back some soup.

The rest of my stay was uneventful. I watched too much TV, dozed, received heavy IV antibiotics and got shots of pain meds. I had wonderful nurses and my own room on a floor that made me think I was in Geratrics. I got better and better and now I'm home. I wish, wish, wish that I had gone the hour I felt a tiny bit worse, when my infection was low, manageable, non-painful. Not 3 am Sunday morning, with a 24,000 white blood cell count (higher than what it was when I had appendix problems) and feeling awful.


Val and Parker said...[Reply]

Sorry to hear about your appendix. Hospitals are never fun. Hope you are up and about and feeling better. At least you probably got some good pain pills to get you through the day.

Take Care!
Val & Parker