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Friday, February 13, 2009

$6 Budget

I've decided to allot myself between 6-$7 a month for whatever I feel like eating. It could be anything from Mcdonalds, Duchess, diner, Wendys or Chinese. Even those marshmallows at Tj Maxx. Whatever little treat I'd like.

I decided to do this because, I thoroughly enjoy fast food and other takeout, but never really wanted to put forth the effort of procuring it. Also, I thought whatever I spent on it would eventually add up to other, more useful things, like fuel, clothes, and groceries.

But I think a little splurge now and then probably wouldn't hurt. And, if I let myself have a little something now and then would probably keep me focused on being healthier. If I let myself have that little budgetary splurge, I am probably less likely to use it.

I'm allowing myself to spend this money in any amount I like, whether I do it about 5 times at 1.12, or twice a month at about $3.

Or maybe that should be spent on something more splurge worthy. Like candy or all natural shampoo from Trader Joes (I am quite fond of "Christopher's Jellies")

So, we shall see how this works out. I already spent $4 and some change at Wendy's the other week, so I'll have to wait till March to invest a little cash in a little splurge that makes stuff like 4 mile walks, fruit smoothies, and Emergen-C more bearable.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I think your amount is far too low!!! you should at least tripple it! lol

Matthew Good