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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Butterscotch pudding

I had a sudden craving for butterscotch pudding sometime earlier last week. I had seen a top comfort food list on AOL, and butterscotch pudding topped it.

I was a fan of all things pudding growing up, but butterscotch was my favorite. I have vauge memories of sitting on my very old and handed down Whinnie the pooh blanket, Swiss Miss Butterscotch pudding in hand and watching Raffie on Nick Jr, as a very wee one. So when I saw a recipe for it, I was excited.

I remembered the deep butterscotch flavor (which is hard to describe), the brownish orangish color. The smooth consistency. I was craving it enough to go make it that night.

But, I set my expectations too high, I am sorry to say. The recipe was simple, consisting of heavy cream, whole milk, brown sugar, cornstarch, butter and vanilla. It came together well and I like the consistency of the pudding, but the flavor was absolutely lacking.

I'm disappointed. I should have added more vanilla and brown sugar, because, now that I look at the recipe, called for dark brown sugar,and we've been a light brown sugar kinda family. Maybe that was the case. My mother makes her own vanilla, and it's only been sitting for a few months, so maybe I should have added more.

I personally, did not like the pudding. I'd make it again, but modify the recipe for more sugar and vanilla. So let this be a lesson. When something calls for a particular crucial ingredient, you should really use it. Light brown sugar isn't a substitute for dark brown sugar, and next time I'll have to remember that.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I have always liked Butterscotch pudding. I would not mind one bit if you tested the new and improved recipe on me.