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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pop Tarts

The first (and only) rebellious thing I ever did as a college student was buy S'mores pop tarts.

We never were really allowed pop-tarts growing up. The non-frosted fruit ones were barely allowed for breakfast as it was, so chocolate or frosted anything was certainly out of the question. We were strictly a strawberry or blueberry kinda family.

For some illogical reason, in my mother's eyes, the Toaster strudels were a better option, perhaps because there was marginally more fruit filling and they were warm/flaky with a cream cheese icing. But they are essentially the same thing.

I jealously coveted the other flavors, like chocolate, S'mores and the weird berry flavors of the time. Even raspberry frosted with sprinkles was off limits.

I sometimes dreamed of all the food I wasn't allowed to have growing up. All the food I could buy when I was on my own (candy, sugary cereal and possibly Kid tv dinners). I clearly remember when I was very young being in a car with my mother, driving in Rowayton, and saying how I was going to buy bags of candy when I was on my own. "Oh yeah?" She said, "You'll look like this." And puffed her cheeks, which made me laugh.

So, the first week I settled into college, I went shopping with my roommate, or perhaps a new friend. We were wandering down the cereal isle, and packages caught my eye. Pop Tarts! No, wait! S'mores pop tarts!!! I snatched a box, and tried to justify the purchase to whomever I was with, because I felt silly buying food intended for children.

When I got back to the dorm, I opened the box and peeled open the sliver package eagerly. I inhaled the graham crackery scent, the crackly chocolate frosting, and signed contently. It smelled so good. Finally, I took a bite.
It was sweet and different. Vertical stripes of chocolate and what appears to be marshmallows. It was slightly gooey.

It was an affordable luxury, 2/$3. But I didn't buy them again. Being a college student, I worried about money and saving it for school supplies and substantial food.

But now that I am a college graduate with a job, I've found other affordable luxuries. But I still like Pop Tarts.

Recently, I've found Pop-Tarts with whole grains. Shockingly, they come in Chocolate Fudge. Which is a chocolate pastry, with fudge, with chocolate frosting. With whole grains. And Fiber. Surely this counts as a breakfast item when paired with a fruit smoothie. I like these better than the S'mores one, unfortunately, to write this post, I went out and bought a 12 pack of S'mores pop tarts (Always a deal finder, I bought them on sale, they were $1.74!) So, I'm stuck with a lot of Pop-tarts. Which I'm either going to try to be okay with, or maybe unload some on my boyfriend.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

That would explain why I have a poptart on my desk now. thanks darling.

Matthew Good