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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cadbury creme filling fizzle.

Cadbury creme eggs don't hold the same appeal as they used to. I'd buy a dozen and eat one a month till the next Easter (which I might do again this year, just for kicks).

But now I'm nibbling at one, and I don't feel like I love it as much as I did. The ooblecky tacky filling is creamy and thick and sugary, which is tactfully(?) pleasing. The mild milk chocolate that melts with it adds another depth of flavor and sweet.

The orangey yolky center that marbleizes with the rest of the white rouses feelings of nostalgia, and I love the way it melts on my tongue, but it fails to light the fire that burned in my soul for candy like it used to.

Maybe it's because I'm 23, and appreciate the Slow Food Movement, and organic and local and stuff made in small batches, and those small companies (all of the above in certain situations, of course). A Cadbury creme egg that is now owned by Hershey isn't going to do it anymore. I like things like potato chips made by some company in Idaho, or cane soda, or produce from a farmer's market or naked beef from Stew Leonards.

I guess I'm sort of a food snob......... But not really. I just like to eat a variety of delicious things, and a variety of junky food. But if I'm going to eat something that tiny that has 150 calories, I damn sure am going to thoroughly enjoy every mouthful.

.....But I guess I do savor every little bit of that tiny egg. It's chocolate, it's creamy fondant (one of my most favorite the bakeshop there were buckets of it and I would sneak it all the time) and it's seasonal. It was apart of my childhood, and sometimes things like that makes you feel good and happy in a way that nostalgic things do; it satisfies a tiny part of your soul.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

It seems to me that a lot of people grow out of liking sweet candies as much as they did during childhood. I know how you feel with the Cadbury eggs. I say enjoy every morsal.

Matthew Good