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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wholefoods Excursion

I woke to a wet and miserable day, but I felt excited with anticipation. Today I was going to Wholefoods.

I finally arrived at about 11, just as it began to drizzle. I nearly tripped on the curb. But I was there. When I walked in, a display right at the entrance caught my eye. For a second, it looked like a cheese rind, and I thought it odd to display cheese (unless it was hard) in such a food safe inappropriate way. But it was just "bulk soap" at 14.99/# Bulk Soap. Bulk. Soap. I've always loved the word "bulk" Bulk candy, especially. The soap smelled wonderful, but I was overwhelmed with colorful fruit and good smells.
Instinctively, I began in the middle, before turning and doublebacking to my right, where one end of the store was. It was prepared foods, the bakery, salad bar, hot food bar, deli, and such. Wonderful smells of foods of different countries of origin wafted to my nose and surrounded me with deep feelings of warmth, comfort, and disarmed willpower.
When I was wandering back to the main part of the store, looking at packaged stuff that I wasn't sure was local, organic, or whatever ("Everyday Marshmallows"? Did you open a bag of Jet Puft anbd put them in a plastic box?). I saw the soup again, and finally saw the types of the day. I saw "Roasted Corn Chowder" and was sold.

I kept wandering aimlessly and shyly, as if I'll be caught: "Hey! She's an impostor! A non vegan isn't allowed to buy SOY NUGGETS! Get her OUT!!"

After wandering isle after isle, I ended up with popcorn cakes, local BBQ sauce, Annie's dressing, soy nuggets (YESSS!!!!), corn, Kashi kid's cereal and my soup.

With my aimless walking, I passed by the Bulk isle several times, and finally stepped into the great mecca of whole food. What first caught my eye was JELLY BEANS! I looked at the ingredients, and they were all natural. What caught my eye second was the price: 7.99/#. Wow, okay, just going to get a sprinkle here. I was a little surprised to see the jelly beans. The night before, I had wondered what I planned on getting at Wholefoods, as I didn't exactly have a list. My reaction was "Jelly beans." And there they were.
Then, I saw diced dried pineapple. at 2.99/#, which seemed pretty reasonable. It then hit me: I can make my own granola mix!!! I got dried papaya, and the highest protein granola I could (something with soy in it.)
When I first walked into the isle, I saw bins of peanuts. For peanut butter, apparently. For people to grind at home? How odd. Then I noticed it was fresh ground peanut butter! Seeing Honey roasted peanuts for grinding, I could not resist.
I flipped on the switch and heard the grinding and peanut butter ooozed out. I ground my OWN peanut butter!! It was insanity. And very tasty: gritty and just a little sweet, and peanutty.

After walking up and down the isle, hoping I didn't miss anything, I decided I was here much to long and headed to the checkout....but first, some crusty bread for my soup? Or perhaps a salad?
I opted for a salad, with a tong of romaine, and a tong of spinach, and a spinkle of mixed greens.

I grabbed one of their big Wholefoods bags and got in line, after I was checked out (being sure to actually pay for said bag) I got into my car a few seconds before it began to pour.
I couldn't wait another second. I found my bag of just a sprinkle of jelly beans and popped one in my mouth.
My reaction was instantanous: The shell was thin and gave away easily. The jelly was sweet, and the flavor tasted like it came from an actual fruit. I can only distingush two or three flavors, but I am sold on these 7.99/# jellybeans. They are very much worth the hefty price tag. Also, they are the small jelly bean sized, so you get more bean for your buck. They taste a little like the gormuet jelly beans we used to get at Easter at Stew Lennords, but all natural.

I drove home in the rain, and heated up my soup, and put my new honey mustard dressing over my salad. The soup was full of corn, potatoes, onions and peppers. It was creamy, warm and delicious on a wet gray day.

All in all I spent about $35, but everything thus far has been tasty and well worth it (well, except for the pop corn cakes, as I was expecting something like rice cakes...but they are tasty when dipped in BBQ sauce). I'm looking forward to another excursion very very soon.

I am considering going back just for the jelly beans Tuesday.


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