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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Give me something to write about."
"Spam." He said. I rolled my eyes.
"No. Try again."
"Lightbulbs. No! Specialization"

I had two beers tonight, and feel like writing while I still feel uninhibited. None of Matt's topics interested me. So I'm writing. About whatever.

But right now I'm going to blog about this beer. Dundee Honey Brown. The honey part had sold me initically. But then I got a good look at the label. A quirky bee, with a band drum, and a pint. In love. I love the 'beat of your own drum" ideal. Then I read the back of the label:

"What's supposed to go in beer? German purity law say you're only allowed four ingredients. But this is America....The land of civil disobedience, and footballs that don't roll like the rest of the world wants them to. So we decided that for Dundee Honey Brown we'd add a fifth~ a touch of pure honey. Granted, that's a little different. But we figure you can be like everyone else or you can be yourself and drink something unique."

Ain't it the truth? This beer, my friends, is me. It's me. From the quirky bee, to the differentness. And I am sold.
I'm looking at the other brews, and am delighted by the quirkyness. I am looking forward to getting a craft sampler this week.

Oh, and the beer is pretty tasty too.

Here's what the site has to say about their wheat beer: "Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Hollow Earth Society. Members of the Spanish Inquisition. All convinced they were blessed with the gift of clarity. And proof that clarity might be overrated."
Am I a little weird to be sold by beer with quirkiness. Maybe. But I think I'm okay with that. But I dig beer that's just mellowed out. Beer that doesn't take itself too seriously. Or too loosely. I'd never drink a Bud, or a Coors, or a Miller, or whatever watered down crap mass America tends to veer to. Mass produced crap isn't my bag.

Something like Dundee speaks to me.


William said...[Reply]

I love how you wrote an entire post about beer.

Les@SpillingBuckets said...[Reply]

I love Dundee Honey Brown. Generally I can't stand beer but this is one I like. It's more expensive and hard to find but Leffe Brown/Brun? is good too.