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I was married May 19th, 2012 to a great guy I met at the C.I.A and we're go excited to embark on a life together. He has as culinary degree to match my baking and pastry degree. It's going to be a Good life.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eating in Secret

Growing up, I lived on tuna. Almost literally. Tuna was second only to freshly pan fried chicken cutlets. But for the past few years, I've shunned tuna. Eating it in very rare circumstances. It is fishy, it can be messy. Evidence is difficult to hide. Being at school didn't help. I was weird enough, I didn't need tuna to make it worse.

Now that I'm living in an apartment with Matt, I've come out of the Tuna Closet. I have a few hours to myself after work, a perfect time to dabble in my tuna love.
Today after work, I blew off the gym, citing broken headphones. Also, I needed to get the half frozen chicken out of the fridge for dinner tonight. I was craving tuna.

Some people eat tuna sandwiches, sometimes they eat tuna melts. A few with crackers.
I enjoy tuna in all those forms, but my favorite way to eat it is with chips. Which I don't find weird at all. It's tuna on chips. But maybe stranger still is the best way to eat tuna. The most tasty combination of food, or at least top 20: Tuna and Doritos. It is cheesy, nacho-y and just plain good.

The Doritos were on sale last week, so with little thought, I bought them. And fixed tuna with the usual: salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder, barely enough lite mayo to bind. No celery, please. No celery ever.  Top on Doritos and enjoy.

Tasty, tasty, tasty!
Okay, so I know that's weird. And shameful. And just kinda bizarre. But don't knock it till you try it!
I enjoy a good seared sesame seeded crusted yellow fin tuna (with an Asiany kinda sauce) as much as the next person, but tuna and doritos? Heck yes.

What's your dirty eating secret?


Kelli said...[Reply]

Remember tuna on cape cod chips back in the day?