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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pierogies and caramelized onions. Spectacular.

We have a lot of potatoes.

Pounds of potatoes that were on the edge of sprouting.

After a meal of (crispy perfect) latkes we decided to make mashed potatoes with dinner last night so we could have pierogies for dinner tonight. Something I haven't really had since the days of school. Pan fried, topped with caramelized onions and sour cream. Hot, soft, crisped dough, the mellow cold sour cream, the savory flavor depth of the onions combine into this color wheel of flavors and textures.

Matt is currently rolling out the dough I made this morning (mashed potato based). They are looking plump and great. The onions on the stove smell wonderful.

The dough was blissfully easy. It got me thinking about other fillings for them besides mashed potato. What about a meat filling; some kind of annoyingly uncreative take on Shepard's Pie? Mashed sweet potatoes? Sauteed veggies? Everyone loves pan fried dough with assorted fillings! Every culture has their own and I haven't met a dough rolled, fashioned into a pocket, filled and fried I didn't like.

The mashed potatoes were slightly too garlicky last night, but tonight the flavor spread throughout the dough and brought out the other flavors of the ingredients. The pierogies are just a touch thicker than I remember, making them plump, soft on the inside, and a nice golden brown and delicious crisp on the outside.

We had three stout pierogies each, piled with sour cream, onions and sauteed corn. Filling as a single bite of lembas.


Leslie said...[Reply]

Ooo! I love pierogies!

Here in Rochester we have "The Pierogie Guy" who sells them at farmers markets and the public market. He has some interesting flavors:

I like the cheesy spinach best.