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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hangover Pizza

A cozy restaurant is home to the quirkyily named "Hangover Pizza"

My mother and I visited my sister in Astoria, NY for lunch, to see her apartment and to walk around.
Our brunch location, Vesta is small and decorated with black and white photography art, a few tables and local wine on tap.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to try. I was craving a burger, but knew I can get a burger anywhere. But hangover pizza? With sausage, potato, pancetta and fried eggs? That sounded delicious even without a hangover.

When it came to the table, it easily could have fed all three of us. Two fried eggs nestled on top in the middle, the yolks barely cooked, and a little of the surrounding whites shimmied.
The crust was thin and crispy. I carefully slid the eggs off the pizza and poked at the yolks until they ran, and used it as a dipping sauce. The whites were sandwiched in between the crust with all the salty meaty fillings, the hot stringy cheese. The sauce was tangy and spicy. Getting a bite of each combination was pizza harmony. I was completely absorbed in my food.
Meanwhile, my sister's thick cut whole wheat french toast was airy, soft and sweet. Not soggy or too eggy with coating. It didn't really need more than the jam that came with it. My mother's Bankie: fried eggs on top of poltena, mushrooms, asparagus topped with a fried egg, was creamy. I haven't had polenta in a long time but if it was cooked as well as this I'd be adding it to my rotation of meals.
Everything was incredible. The local wine on tap was neat and pretty tasty. It's something I rarely, if ever see. The restaurant had a laid back feel to it.
We all shared eachother's meal, and my pizza was nearly finished. I could have polished off the last two slices without a problem. Something my sister assured me would not be anything horrible or looked down upon. I considered it, but thought about how delicious it was and how much more I could enjoy it the next day. To my delight they wrapped up the egg, too! Awesome.

I didn't take my camera, and I wish I did! But there's a photo on yelp, and it hardly does it justice.

Later, we visited Parisi, an Italian bakery in Astoria. When we first walked into the small bakery it was empty, but within 3 mintues the line was out the door. I had no idea what I wanted. I was yearning for the butter cookies filled with jam or dipped in chocolate, but did I want something more Italiany? Or did I want fresh bread or a New York Black and White?
I opted for the butter cookies. Chocolate jam filled and some chocolate dipped. My mother got eclairs, elephant ears, a linzer tart and canolis to take home for everyone. They filled the canolis to order, so the shells were flaky and crisp and the filling was creamy and sweet. If I had canolis like these in my youth, I'd probably like them a lot more now. And been spoiled with good pastries.
I waited til we got home to try the cookies. This is how Italian butter cookies should taste. Tender, buttery, and just the right amount of moist crisp. I wish I had gotten a whole pound. But of course there's always next time!
In my area, we have maybe four real bakeries...or at least what I'd call bakeries. In Astoria there's about four bakeries for every other block. It seems like every other block there is a bakery, restaurant and convenience store for each local ethnicity: mainly Greek, Italian and Spanish. What a luxury to live in such a place!

Blocks of all restauarants. Butcher shops with pigs dangling in the window, saying "Hey. I'm a pig. Hanging in the window next to a skinned lamb. Don't you want to buy me?" Yes. Yes I do.
Anyway, I was surprised by how reasonable the prices was. In Fairfield county you expect high prices for any bakery, weather they deserve it or not. But two cappuccinos, a hot tea, half a pound of decadent cookies, a biscotti and a lemon cookie was only about $13.

All in all a crazy delicious day.


Kelli said...[Reply]

Yay Astoria!!! So glad you had fun