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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old Bagels

I know your secret. You have some day old bagels in your kitchen somewhere. I also know you will probably never eat those bagels, and it will sit there, getting harder and older and less attractive.

Matt came home from work with a paper bag of two-day old bagels (that he obviously was allowed to take home because they obviously wont sell one day old products, let alone two). At first I was incredulous. Why bring all these old bagels? We don't even have chive cream cheese to eat it with. We're never going to eat seven old bagels.

But then the light-bulb went off. Bagel chips. Of course. The perfect solution to old bagels or bread: slice or dice them, coat them in oil and seasonings, and dry them out into a tasty snack/salad topping.

I nearly sliced my middle finger tip off trying to slice a way word chunk, but my bagel slices were thin, heavily seasoned and blood free. They only took 30 minutes in a low oven, and ta-da! Bagel chips. Cheaper than any chips you can buy in the store, seasoned to your liking, and fresh. I was a little too trigger happy on the garlic powder and some are just a little overly crunchy (to the point where I eat one all I can hear in the middle of my head is the *CRUNCH* of the chips. But generally, I like them. I went light on the oil, and they are salty and carbtastic. Everything you'd want in a crunchy snack.

Old bread? Croutons! Old bagels or pita? Chips! You will never waste a leavened  (or unleavened) product again.

Okay, so this isn't my 190th post, I deleted the old draft entries and now it's only a few away from 190..Guess now I can save it for something good!


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190? Wow!

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